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Man breaks world record by playing Black Ops II for 135 hours, ends up looking pretty broken himself

The world record for the longest gaming marathon has been broken by a man in Australia who has clocked up 135 hours playing Call of Duty: Black Ops II. The previous record was 120 hours. The man, Okan Kaya, started his session on Tuesday 13 November, when Black Ops II was released.

We don’t know at what point in proceedings this picture of Kaya was taken, but judging by the look on his face, we’d say it was a good few hours into his challenge:

Thankfully for Kaya, Guinness World Record adjudicators aren’t sadists and he was allowed 10 minute breaks for every hour of gaming, and Kaya could stockpile breaks in order to grab several hours sleep at a time.

But still, sleep or no sleep, 135 hours playing Black Ops II over the course of seven days is a terrifying prospect.

You can find more pics of Okan Kaya doing his thing at this Facebook page. Also, this local news story:

Source: Wired

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