Make It Happen review

Mary Elizabeth Winstead goes from Grindhouse to grinding in this latest addition to the nu wave of R&B dance movies (Step Up, How She Move, Step Up 2: The Streets). Hoofing student Lauryn (Winstead) is desperate to make something of herself in Chicago, even if it means disappointing her older brother and leaving behind her Indiana hometown. The plot’s so hackneyed you can say the lines before the actors do. She fails her first big audition for a snobby choreographer (of course); dances on an empty stage when she thinks no one’s watching (of course); and what’s a girlie movie without a shopping montage or five? It’s all just filler between the dance scenes, which are admittedly fun. Think Pussycat Dolls with slightly more clothes on. Unrepentantly formulaic, but enjoyable all the same.


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