Luto's stern psychological horror has big PT vibes in new gameplay trailer

Good news for all PT fans out there as Luto is channelling the same 'extreme terror in a fairly normal hallways' extremely hard. A new gameplay trailer at the Future Games Show gave us a good look at this first person psychological horror narrative experience, and how it intends to scare the hell out of you when it releases later this year. 

The premise is simple - you play as a character that is unable to leave their house. But that doesn't mean it's not pushing some boundaries with a big content warning that "this game contains depictions of anxiety, depression, and suicide." So don't worry if you want to step away at this point. 

It's the question of how or why the central character is unable to leave that brings in the horror element. The game promises to "explore the pain caused by the loss of a loved one, the horror of the insecurity to the deepest darkness hidden behind anxiety and depression". There's an emotional core to all the fear portrayed in Luto which promises to explore monophobia, a fear of being alone, claustrophobia, a fear of confined spaces, and nyctophobia, an extreme fear of the dark. 

Luto is exploring these themes in a dynamic narrative environment to create an environmental and sensory horror story where nothing is as it seems. Leaning into that PT vibe, the home the central character is trapped just isn't right, with weirdly changing rooms and spaces, and a strange shrouded figure walking the hallways. As to what that all means...? You'll just have to play to find out, when it releases later this year. Check out the Steam page for more info.

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