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Luminous Arc review

A turn-based strategy RPG gem you (almost) can't put down


  • Addictive battle system
  • Oodles of weapons
  • magic
  • skills
  • No random encounters


  • Stylus-pointing hiccups
  • Endless lines of text
  • Mostly schmaltzy storyline

Everyone knows that the best weapon to combat sultry witches in barely-there costumes is... a precocious gang of spiky-haired kids. Such is your lot in life in Luminous Arc, leading a group of teenage warriors-in-training around the world to battle broom-wielding witches and their minions. With an unquestioning loyalty to their bosses at the Luminous Church, the mostly merry band of traveling youngsters exhorts and teases each other across the land, stopping only for battles, shopping, and the occasional bite to eat.

More Info

DescriptionYou'll tell yourself "Just one more battle and I'll put it down." And then you won't. That's the sign of a truly good strategy RPG.
US censor ratingTeen
Release date15 August 2007 (US), (UK)