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Lucozade Alert Plus Super Sonic Challenge

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With less than a week to go before the Golden Joystick Awards, things are heating up for one person in particular.

James Richards, our challenger for the Lucozade Alert Plus Super Sonic challenge, is stepping up his preparation to set three Guinness world records at this year’s awards ceremony. We thought we’d bring you an exclusive look at the training that an elite gamer like James has to go through.

James is targeting a sub 22 second speed run on level one of the Sega classic Sonic 2 and it appears that he’s feeling the pressure! We spoke to James earlier today and although he said he’s "very much looking forward to next week,” he told us that the sheer speed of our favourite blue hedgehog means that he’s having to call on all of his concentration skills and reactions to clock in at the record time.

"I didn’t want to turn up and play badly so of course I’ve been practicing. I dusted off my Mega Drive a few weeks ago and I’ve just been playing the first level of Sonic 2 over and over and over again, constantly resetting the console and trying to get the "flow" of the level right. One mistake messes up the whole thing and it’s incredibly tricky to make a perfect run. Jumping at the wrong time can add much needed seconds to the time!

"Once I’m happy with the level itself and it’s ingrained in my memory, I’ll be tackling the game on each of the three consoles so I’m accustomed to each controller. I'm hoping with a bit more practice I'll be able to nail it on the day and collect my second, third & fourth Guinness World Records!”

Lucozade has laid down the challenge to celebrate the launch of its new energising shot, Lucozade Alert Plus. The drink gives you a mental energy boost that will help mental performance, focus, reactions and alertness – all the things Richards will need when he’s attempting to set a new Guinness World Record playing as one of the fastest characters in videogames.

Richards, who lives in Kent, is already a record-breaker, holding the Guinness World Record for the fastest completion time for Sonic The Hedgehog 3, which features in the current Guinness World Records: Gamer’s Edition. You can watch a video of his attempt on shortly after the event.

26 Oct, 2009

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