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Lucas produces CGI musical

You’re over the midweek slump, you’re probably delirious with fatigue and desperate for the weekend.

But don’t worry, you’re not quite seeing things. Yet. Because yes, the above actually is true.

The Hollywood Reporter has, well, reported that George Lucas is currently spending his time up at the Skywalker Ranch masterminding his next project.

It’s “super secret”. It hasn’t got a title. It’s a CGI musical.

Director Kevin Munroe, of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Heroes CGI update a few years back, is apparently set to direct. All that we know is that the film will somehow feature fairies.

That, and the script’s by Spiderwick Chronicles ’ David Berenbaum.

So, after completing his Star Wars prequels, it seems Lucas is ready to get the cogs cranking on something entirely new.

But has the old boy cracked? Or are you interested to see what he can come up with post- Wars ?