Lost Odyssey - EXCLUSIVE hands-on

Jan 11, 2008

Lost Odyssey follows the adventures of Kaim, an immortal who has lived a thousand years, and will live thousands more.Kaim is blessed with powerful magic and finesse in combat, but has lost a large chunk of his memory. Over the course of this RPG adventure, he will see or hear certain things that trigger a flashback to his past. Once unlocked, these "dreams" can be viewed anytime Kaim goes to an inn to rest and provide an entertaining method of slowly filling in his fascinating history.

Our hero's search for answers primarily takes place within the realm of Uhra, a republic recently converted from a monarchy. Political intrigue blankets Uhra's population. Some are content with the nation's current state, while others vie for Prince Tolten to take his deceased father's throne, an action sure to create civil war - something that isn't an option, given Uhra's current struggle against rival nation Khent. The gorgeous opening cinematic of Lost Odyssey sees Kaim single-handedly decimate Khent's demonic, mechanical ranks, and it is at this juncture that the player is given his first taste of combat.

Watching battles sweep back and forth as Kaim and his crew clean up foreground foes lends an epic feel to Odyssey's battles. By wearing rings, players can increase their melee attack damage via the Aim Ring System. Holding the R trigger as characters surge forward to attack encloses the enemy within a circle as a larger circle appears, constricting around the enemy's smaller circle.

If the trigger is released just as the two rings overlap, a "Perfect" rating will appear, resulting in a significant damage increase. A "Good" rating packs a slight punch, while a "Bad" yields no damage increase at all. Players can create more powerful rings, such as those that add elemental damage in the forms of fire and water, by collecting ingredients listed in ring formulas. Once all the necessary components have been collected, rings can quickly be assembled by entering the Assembly menu.