Loose lips slip secret Bliz project

Sept 11 2007

Blizzard, MMO super-developer, is reportedly busy with an as-yet unannounced project. As well as finishing the new World of Warcraft expansion, knocking together Starcraft II and (we hope) beetling away on Diablo III, Blizzard is creating something called Hydra. Do these guys never sleep?

Hydra's cover was accidentally blown during last week's Austin Game Developers Conference. Charlie Demerjian, of news site The Inquirer (opens in new tab), was trundling along behind two Blizzard chaps whose conversation went something like this:

1: "What are you working on?"
2: "Starcraft II, and you?"
1: "I am working on Hydra."

Unfortunately, Demerjian was unable to tie up or otherwise kidnap the loose-lipped worker and 'persuade' him to explain what Hydra is. But since ol' Bliz hates to have its secrets leaked, we're guessing someone on the Hydra team will be feeling mighty awkward for the next few days...

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