Looks like Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order has a Sekiro-style posture system

Among other things, the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order gameplay E3 2019 reveal showed off a Sekiro-style posture system. We saw some lovely environments, cute robots, much-less-lovely-and-cute spiders, and plenty of classic Force powers, but the element that stood out to me was the white meter attached to protagonist Cal and the enemy Empire soldiers. Game Informer referred to this as a defense meter in a talk with Respawn, and nearest I can tell, it works similarly to the posture meter in Sekiro. Take a closer look at this bout with a Purge Trooper:   

The Purge Trooper blocks Cal's strikes, but every hit whittles down his defense meter - we're just gonna call it that for now - a little bit. When he finally counterattacks, Cal parries the hit, exhausting the Purge Trooper's defense. This breaks his stance, leaving him open for a big hit from Cal's lightsaber. Here's another clip from the fight:  

Here, the Purge Trooper is the one attacking. Cal parries every strike, and each successful parry lowers the Trooper's defense until - again - his stance is broken and he's left vulnerable.

If you were to run those fight descriptions through a quick find-and-replace, you'd have a spot-on description of Sekiro's posture- and parry-driven combat. Fallen Order's combat is also built on Force powers and a variety of other attacks, but some of the one-on-one fights are definitely channeling From Software. Respawn said as much to Game Informer, and we also heard a fair bit about how Fallen Order was built so that "you really have to think when you go into fights."  

Austin Wood

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