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Living large in Leipzig

Aug 22, 2007

Despite what it may seem, the life of a videogame industry journalist isn't all long hours, meager wages, a diet and lifestyle destined to turn us all into Jabba the Hut lookalikes, and endlessly hearing from fanboys and publishers about how we're biased andstupid no matter whatwe write. Some of it is, in fact, throwing on our Armani suits and diamond blings and hanging out in the very best hotels, sipping the finest champagne and trying to decide which of the nine supermodels begging for our attention we're going to let stay there all night - which three, we mean.

So, we've decided to show off just a little and give you a glimpse of how we roll. Here, for the first time anywhere, is a look behind the curtain at GamesRadar's base of operations in Leipzig. To some, it's the nicest hotel they'll ever lay eyes upon. To us, it's just the kind of luxury we're used to enjoying every day.

Above: GamesRadar UK's George Walter shows off our awesome Leipzig crash pad. Note the exposed radiatordoubling as a decorative wall sculptureand the cot making sure there's no wasted floor space.