Live rock show

So you already know Guitar Hero II is coming to Xbox 360. By way of logical extension, you then probably already know the tracklist, the hidden songs and all the reasons why the series is one of the best-selling music games of all time. Hell, it's one of the best games around, period. But if you're such a huge fan already, why bother getting it again on 360?

New songs are a given. We've got the list coming up in a second. Downloadable content is on the way. There's the new X-Plorer controller too, though so far we've gotta say the standard PS2 one feels better. What's left then? Achievement Points out the ass. Look below the screen for the complete list, then click on over to the next page for a rundown of new, exclusive 360 songs.

We especially like the "Start a Real Band Already" award, plus the shout-outs to great musical duos of our time ("Lennon and McCartney" is yours when you get an 8x Multiplier in a co-op game, for example). There are also cool little bonuses like failing a song on easy and refusing to play an encore. Read on:

Unlocking each new venue (10pts apiece)
Beating each difficulty setting (10-30pts)
100k~400k scores on a song (10-30pts)
200k~800k scores on a co-op song (30pts apiece)
Champagne Club V.I.P. - 500k on a song (30pts)
Millionaire Pair - Score 1,000,000 points on a co-op song (30pts)
Scoremonger - Get an 8x Multiplier (10pts)
Perfectionist - Get 100% on a song (30pts)
Saturday Morning Award - Beat Trogdor and Thunderhorse (10pts)
Rock School Grad - Complete all tutorials (10pts)
Rock Snob - Turn down an encore (10pts)
Dimebag Darrell - 100 note streak (10pts)
Eddie Van Halen - 500 note streak (30pts)
Yngwie Malmsteen - 1000 note streak (30pts)
Sandbox Hero - Five star every song on Easy (30pts)
Most Likely to Succeed - Five star every song on Normal (30pts)
Guitarmageddon - Five star every song on Hard (30 pts)
Start a Real Band Already - Five star every song on Expert (30pts, should be like 300)

Buy everything in the store (10-30pts for each section)
Big Spender - Blow $10,000 in the store (10pts)
Extra Credit - Watch the credits (10pts)
Long Road Ahead - Fail a song on Easy (10pts)
Hendrix Award - Complete a song with lefty flip on (10pts)
Teacher's Pet - Practice three different songs (10pts)
Kick the Bucket - Complete "Jordan" on Expert (30pts)
Scenester Award - Beat all the unlocked songs (10pts)
Joan and Lita - 100 note streak in co-op (30pts)
Joe and Steven - 500 note streak in co-op (30pts)
Keef and Mick - 1000 note streak in co-op (30pts)
Lennon and McCartney - Get an 8x Multiplier in co-op (10)
Page and Plant - 100% a co-op song (30)