Live! review

This crass, inauthentic mock-doc exposing the evils of reality shows and the venality of TV honchos manages both to bore and insult simultaneously. Exec producer Eva Mendes is hopelessly cast as Katy, a shiny-shinned, power-dressing ratings bitch who decides to air live Russian Roulette – seriously – to win those precious viewing figures. Her unconvincing corporate machinations are seen via a documentary being made by the easily led Rex (David Krumholtz). Mendes can be a cracking actress in the right project, but here she flounders, attempting to portray Katy’s voracious moral corruption by simply shouting and stuffing her face. Meanwhile, the supposedly satirical script veers from cheesy to grossly implausible. What we’re left with is a toothless, pointless bite at a bloodsport industry that already wears its lack of heart on its sleeve.


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