Live-action Aladdin prequel on the way at Disney

Disney has developed a taste for live-action updates of its classic properties, and it's not about to stop any time soon, with THR reporting that the studio is moving forward with a prequel to Aladdin, entitled Genies.

The new film will be set in the realm of the Genies (our big blue friend is not the only one, you see), telling the story of how the most famous of their number ends up enslaved in the lamp. And according to the report, the long-term plan is to set up a live-action remake of the traditional Aladdin tale.

Damian Shannon and Mark Swift are writing the script, having made their name in the horror arena with the likes of Freddy vs. Jason and the Friday 13th remake. Meanwhile, one of Disney's biggest tasks will be to find a voice actor who can follow in the footsteps of the inimitable Robin Williams. With no release date confirmed as yet, they will at least have some time to take on the challenge…

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George Wales

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