Lionhead surveying Fable fans

Lionhead Studios is turning to fans to decide the fate of its Fable franchise in an online survey that asks participants to rank 13 of the series' most prominent features. Not included on the list? English butlers who try to sell you colored dye in the middle of a battle. Consider yourself spared, Jasper. This time.

Above: Huzzah to virtual prostitutes! Nay to virtual real estate management!

Posted on Wednesday, the survey gauges fan interest in a number of game elements including its freedom, charm and humor, lore, the dog, side-quests, and live and local co-op. Strangely, instead of asking for an individual number rating for each, the survey requires participants to rank the 13 elements in terms of 'least favorite' to 'most favorite'. In theory, this is to help Lionhead decide where it can cut afford the fat, but it fails to account for overlap. For instance, one may love the freedom in Fable III as much as having a dog, but ask anyone who's had to babysit that damn mutt for an extended period of time and they'll tell you that it seriously impeded their ability to move about freely %26ndash; especially where knee-high fences were present.

Though lacking in the details, Lionhead's survey is a nice gesture for fans - even if it is more of a promotion than a bonefide research project. To have your say in the future of Albion, check out the survey here.

[Source: Lionhead]

Feb 10, 2011

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