Lineage II offers free gender-bending

We see a ton of game boxes around here, and they all make bold promises to get you to pick up a game off the store shelf. Most regurgitate the usual offers of dozens of hours of exhilarating gameplay, armies to command, realistic physics, interactive environments, huge maps, and amazing new technology. But every now and then we see something very special, like the Lineage II: The Chaotic Throne 4th Anniversary Edition box.

Below: Front:

Below: Back:

Below: Did you see it?

That’s right: Lineage II is the first MMO to offer complementary sexual reassignment surgery as a perk to long-time players. However, given the androgynous nature of the characters in the screenshots, I’d call the value of the offer questionable - you may not even notice a difference.

However, the Pig Lollipop offer is just too good to turn down.

Only the Koreans (or perhaps Pink Floyd) could think to put something like that in a game. To quote PC Gamer Senior Editor Logan Decker: “That’s… inexplicable.”

May 16, 2008