LEGO MMORPG in the works

Auto Assault developer NetDevil is collaborating with LEGO on a LEGO MMORPG.

Full details have yet to be disclosed, but judging by this announcement, it'll be directed at a younger audience.

"The LEGO brand represents construction, creativity and problem solving - values that compliment the MMOG market. By merging the online world of social interaction with physical play, the LEGO brand is providing new experiences for children, as well as fans," said Lisbeth Valther Pallesen, Executive Vice President, Community, Education and Direct Division LEGO Group.

Above: While this may be a screen from LEGO Star Wars, this is actually a metaphor for the celebration youand your friends will have when LEGO MMO comes into your life

"NetDevil's technological capability, openness to work with a large community, and their enthusiasm for the LEGO brand made them a natural partner."

An official website for the LEGO MMORPG has been set up, informing us the game is scheduled for release in 2008. But that's all, folks.

March 6, 2007