Legend of Heroes II: The Prophecy of the Moonlight Witch - hands-on

This adventure starts a little slower than last year's game, though - we're introduced to another pair of teens from a sleepy little town. Christina and Jurio are about to set out on their pilgrimage across the world - their task is to gaze into a set of five mystical mirrors held in sacred shrines. It's all so hopelessly quaint that even the game's characters seem to be taken aback by the fact that they'd even bother.

But, of course, adventure will eventually find them. Just not in the first several hours of the game, apparently. After playing through a nice, meaty sitting or two with it, we're still waiting for the pace to pick up. Chris and Jurio trudge from town to town, quickly hitting one shrine before setting out on a sea voyage that takes a surprisingly long time; the pair run afoul of a thief and spend way too long trapped in a predictable story sequence revolving around him.