The Last of Us 6 post-apocalyptic visions that inspired the game

2. 28 Days Later

A movie that goes from eerie quiet to utter panic faster than a deadly virus can enter your bloodstream, 28 Days Later introduced the world to sprinting, killer "infected."

Why is 28 Days Later on this list? For a few reasons. First, both feature amped up, freaky fast killer people suffering from some sort of mind warping biological pathogen. While there have been hints that it's some sort of fungal infection causing the trouble, Naughty Dog has actually shown very little of the horribly deformed zombies in action. And before you jump on us in the comments for using the Z word, we acknowledge that these once human creatures are probably not reanimated corpses, just like in 28 Days Later. Finally, almost every peek we've had at The Last of Us has shown the main characters squaring off against vicious scavengers. Just like 28 Days Later, the game makes the grim point that even with murderous monster people running around, you need to watch your back around your fellow human beings.

Alex Roth