Lars von Trier summons the Antichrist

Based on his recent work such as Dogville and Manderlay, it might seem like Lars von Trier is a purely political filmmaker. But dig further back into his output and you’ll find a healthy, pulsing vein of horror. Anyone who has witnessed The Kingdom miniseries can attest to that.

And he’s dipping back into the world of terror for his next film – albeit tinged with a pasting of satire and opinion. Antichrist is based on an intriguing idea – that Earth was created not by God, but by Satan. That would explain how Paul WS Anderson gets to keep on making movies, then.

Once he’s got a cast in place, von Trier expects to start shooting the movie next summer, and knowing his style, no sacred cow will be left unslaughtered. People are going to be unhappy – but you just know that’s the way von Trier prefers it…

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