Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light - Interview and new screens

We’ve got oodles of Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light goodies today, but don’t you dare call it a Tomb Raider! If you’ve read our preview this week (opens in new tab), you’d know that even though the offshoot title featureseveryone's favoritechesty heroine, this is nothing like any of her other games. That said, even though the last couple Tomb Raider games have been pretty great, I loved what I played of Guardian of Light on an entirely different level.

Above:New team for a new Tomb

It combined everything I love about Smash TV (fast paced, twin-stick action) Shadow Complex (streamlined pace, with a look too new to call “old school”) and threw in the all important co-op to boot! Below you’ll find a quick interview I did with Crystal Dynamics'Daniel Neuberger, Creative Director of Croft’s upcoming download-only title, where he dishes on the reasoning behind the gameplay departure, Lara’s new partner Totec, and gives longtime fans plenty of hope for the future of Tomb Raider!

And here's some spankin’ new screens of Lara Croft and her new cohort, Totec. Click here (opens in new tab) to read yesterday’sin-depth preview.

Above: Lara takes well to a more animated look and so do enemies

Above: With Lara and Totec working together, puzzles can be solved faster than ever before

Above: Hardly your average crate puzzle, this spheres can also be used to kill

Above: One player shoots, one player rolls

Above: Totec tosses a spear that allows Lara to reach otherwise impossible heights

Above: You can't have Lara in a game without spikes! But this objective was surprisingly similar to a Purple Coin challenge in Mario Galaxy

May 19, 2010