Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light co-op mode delayed on PS3 too

Hey, remember when developer Crystal Dynamics released Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light on Xbox 360 even though itwasn't actually finished? The game was lacking one of its most important features, online co-op, but promised it would be available by the time the game launched on PS3 and PC. Well, that time is here but now the feature is being delayed on those platforms too.

In a press release sent out to promote the game's release on the PS3 and PC, Crystal Dynamics subtly mentioned the fact that it's not actually complete. The online co-op mode, which had been touted as one of the game's main selling points during the production, isn't quite ready for prime time. But the company still expects gamers to pay for it without a guarantee as to when a co-op patch will be made available.

As for the Xbox 360 version, which has been out for around a month with no online co-op mode, it doesn't appear it's working there either. Crystal Dynamics told 360 owners in August that their co-op mode would be ready when the game was released on PS3 and PC.

When Crystal Dynamics released the unfinished game on the Xbox 360, the reaction was mixed. Some liked the ability to at least play the game's single-player mode, but many were rubbed the wrong way by the fact that an incomplete game went up for sale at its full price.

Those gamers are no doubt even more frustrated now that the update isn't even available when Crystal Dynamics promised it would be. The developer will now only say a patch will be rolled out at a "later date."

Above: You can buy Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, but you won’t know when you’ll actually get access to the full game. Crystal Dynamics isn’t even acknowledging it messed up this time

Yes, there is some value in being able to have part of a product now, instead of having to wait for the whole thing later on. But just imagine if other industries did this. You pay full price for a new car but only get a steering wheel while the rest of it is finished. You order spaghetti at a restaurant but they only give you a bunch of tomato sauce because they can't quite get the noodles done in time, but promise you'll get the noodles "at a later date." See, it doesn't work. Hell, what would you think if we started publishing articles before they were finished and promised we'd


Sep 22, 2010

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