Lalafells stay winning as Final Fantasy 14 patch 6.5 adds one of the funniest cutscenes in the MMO's history

Final Fantasy 14
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The latest patch for Final Fantasy 14 has accidentally created what might be the MMO's funniest cutscene, and it's all thanks to Lalafells.

As spotted on Reddit, the new Final Fantasy 14 Growing Light update (aka patch 6.5) has made Lalafells surprisingly nimble. As you can see from the post below, there's one cutscene in particular that fans are finding unexpectedly hilarious. 

Without spoiling too much, in the new scene one character tries to buy time for the player character so they can jump into an abyssal portal. In this case, that player is a pint-sized Lalafell, and frankly I don't think the little hero needs any help. They fly right past the climactic duel and hurl themselves into the pit at lightning speed. 

Look at the baby fucking go from r/ffxiv

It's one of those scenes where you need to see it to understand how funny it is, so I highly suggest giving it a watch – whether you plan to play the 6.5 update or not. 

As discussed in the comments of the post, maybe we shouldn't be that surprised to see the Lalafell bust out this kind of sprint. One user points out that in the game's original character description, Square Enix confirms that the Lalafell have "incredible agility" with "seemingly feeble legs" that are "capable of carrying them long distances over any terrain" - which makes a lot of sense now I've seen that clip. 

Other fans in the replies have just made the whole thing even more amusing: "Something about watching a Lalafell run full-force with a look of determination makes me laugh. 'Feet, don't fail me now!'"  

Another player may have found a way to make the scene even funnier: wearing the adorable Fat Cat slippers cosmetic during the same scene, meaning the two chonky cats on the Lalafell's feet would speed faster than Sonic before plunging into the dark abyss. Now I need to see this for myself.  

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