La Comunidad review

Director Alex de-la Iglesia's latest is another dark-hearted comedy that blurs the line between good and evil, coming riddled with the sort of wide-eyed violence that'll put David Lynch fans right off their amyl nitrate.

At its heart lies a huge lottery win, hidden under a filthy kitchen floor - its deceased owner too scared to spend it. Why? Seems everyone in the dead bloke's apartment block felt they deserved a piece of the pie and formed a sinister alliance to watch him day and night. But before they can claim their prize, nosy estate agent Julia (Carmen Maura) stumbles on the dosh and decamps to the building's swankiest apartment. Big mistake, love. Your neighbours are psychos...

As a comment on a greedy world driven by Lotto jealousies, La Comunidad is wry and insightful. Unfortunately, it's also way too long and the sitcom gags are a tad heavy-handed - - at times, you half expect Richard Briers to come stumbling in. Flawed, then, but still smarter than your average Hollywood gurner.

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