Kojima wants facial disfigurement in games

Jan 4, 2008

Metal Gear daddy Hideo Kojima called for increased realism in videogames in a recent interview with Jade Raymond regarding videogame violence.

In the rather strange meeting, arranged on behalf of Famitsu magazine, Kojima told Raymond: "I don't think there are many games that tackle violence head on.

"When you hit someone or inflict pain, faces get disfigured for example, and I want to make games that show that sort of thing," he explained. Cue Jack Thompson's blood boiling.

"If you don't see the pain, you can't understand what you've done, and you'll pass through battles without taking responsibility for your actions," Kojima added. "I don't want to ignore that. I want players to think, even if it's just a little, about what violence and war are."

So, better graphics is basically what he's saying. But would showing the damage done to people's faces in games really make us accept responsibility?

Later in the chat, Raymond admitted taking inspiration from the Metal Gear games, and Kojima returned the compliment saying: "I think there are fewer developers around today who think about making a good game. As a creator, I find that sad, but when I see teams like the Assassin's Creed team it gives me confidence. I want Assassin's Creed to sell well."

Source: Develop

Courtesy of CVG.