Kojima has an easy answer for the whole death thing: "I'll probably become an AI and stick around"

Hideo Kojima cameo in Cyberpunk 2077
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Hideo Kojima plans on continuing to make games even after death simply by ascending his mortal coil and becoming Mecha Kojima.

In a recent interview with IGN (thanks, Sports Illustrated), the famed director and founder of Kojima Productions was asked how he imagines his studio continuing on after he inevitably passes 50-100 years from now. But instead of sharing the type of legacy he'd like to leave or whatever, he basically just said "nah" to the whole death thing.

"I'll keep leading so long as I'm around, and all that matters to me is that our roots when it comes to creation are kept intact," Kojima said. "But you know, I'll probably become an AI and stick around. You need to be stimulated in lots of different ways if you want to keep creating new things, so I imagine I'll keep collaborating with others and taking in new things even if I'm an AI."

But of course, Kojima. It was a folly to assume a silly thing like mortality would get in the way of you making video games. The answer to humanity's greatest existential anxiety has been sitting there right in front of our eyes this whole time: just don't die, and you won't have to be dead. It's genius.

I honestly love this response. It's classic Kojima. The dude basically wants to become the real-life Peace Walker (hopefully without the nukes). Plus, it's not even all that inconceivable that something vaguely akin to consciousness-uploading technology exists in 50-100 years, so you can't even really argue with the man. Anyway, I'm out of my depth now. Scientists, you've got at least five decades to sort this out. Kojima forever.

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