Kissed review

With this controversial, uncut film, Lynne Stopkewich joins the cosy club of Canadian directors (David Cronenberg and Atom Egoyan) who tackle taboo subjects with considerable power and perception. Her film recounts the experiences of a female necrophiliac, one Sandra Larson (Molly Parker). By day, this prim young lady, "who's always been fascinated by death", works at a funeral parlour. But at night, she makes love to the corpses, an unsavoury (not to mention, illegal) activity that only becomes a problem when a medical student (who's very much alive) becomes hopelessly besotted with her. Exploring the uncomfortable connections between love, sex and death, Kissed is artfully composed and surprisingly tender, never descending into sensationalism despite the stomach-stirring nature of its subject matter. Simultaneously solemn and delicate, it's all held together by Parker's bewitching central performance. Uncomfortable viewing, but compelling nevertheless.

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