Kirby: Canvas Curse Cheats

Kirby: Canvas Curse Easter Eggs

  • DS | Submitted by Kirby Ball

    Falling Paintings


    At the credits, when you see the paintings, keep tapping them. They will fall off and the people inside will make funny faces!

Kirby: Canvas Curse Hints

  • DS | Submitted by KirbyGuy7

    Easy Unlock Waddle Doo

    Instead of having to beat the game with all the characters, you can unlock Waddle Doo by inserting a Kirby Nightmare in Dreamland or Kirby and the Amazing Mirror into your DS and next time you load your file Waddle Doo will be unlocked! Nightmare in Dreamland music will also be unlocked.

  • DS | Submitted by lain

    Pros & Cons

    Pro: can break boxes with the same ability
    Con: too light to stay underwater, and needs paint lines to stay under and move around
    Waddle Dee
    Pro: lighter than Kirby
    Con: takes awhile to roll along a paint line(bounces a lot)
    King Dedede
    Pro: moves on ground when underwater
    Con: Needs lines to moves higher in water
    Meta Knight
    Pro: has high speed, and is very light
    Con: Only has 3 HP

  • DS | Submitted by Steaphonix

    Beat Boss Levels

    Boss 1: Kracko
    Just bounce around by drawing lines under kirby and hitting people until you get up to the boss in this boss stage. Then just wait for the dots around him to stop, then bounce into him. Do this a few times.
    Boss 2: King Dedede
    For this guy, just grab the generator (the circle thing in front of you with the arrow in it) and try to drag yourself into the fruits in the bubbles and away from the other stuff. Then you will speed up and win the race.
    Boss 3:
    For this one just draw the man's pictures connecting the dots in the same order as him. Do it fast though, or the bombs will hit you and you will lose.

  • DS | Submitted by Sorus

    Health upgrade and bonus course in Rainbow Run

    To get a health upgrade AND a bonus course in rainbow run, start a new game. Beat level 1 in the main game, then go to rainbow run. select level 1 in it, and get all 18 medals from the level (it is fairly easy, i got all 6 medals in each stage on my first try). Then, go to medal swap. The health boost is, from the top, 7 down. Buy it, then from there, count down 4 to buy the balloon special course in rainbow run. And there you go.

  • DS | Submitted by Micah Sidley

    Secret Fifth Character

    An alternative way to unlock the 5th secret character is to complete the final level (Drawcia's Castle) while having the game "Kirby's Nightmare In Dream Land" or "Kirby and the Amazing Mirror" (Region does not matter) inserted in the GBA slot in the Nintendo DS.

  • DS | Submitted by lain

    Easy Lives w/ Meta Knight

    You'll need Meta Knight, a steady hand, and a little luck to get as many live as you want. Meta Knight is the fastest character in the game, if you launch off the ramp, you need to make, at the end of a level, you can reach the very end of the track and net yourself 9 extra lives. It may take awhile, but you can get as many lives as you need with this trick.

  • DS | Submitted by Danny

    Extra Lives

    First keep on beating world 1 level 1 and when you get to dash jump and get stars you will get an extra life. Repeat. (NOTE) Do this a lot before level 8 because there are two bosses, Drawcia Sorceress and Drawcia Soul.

  • DS | Submitted by lain

    Blue, Red, and Green Doors

    You've noticed that there are doors blocking off paths to medals, that's because you haven't pressed the right switch. Through the later levels, you'll find hidden paths, that will lead to giant buttons, just press them and all the doors of that color will disappear. You don't need to press these switches if you don't want to, but if you want to unlock the classic songs(40-50 medals), Dedede Ball(20 medals), and Meta Knight Ball(25 medals) you'll need those sitches to get to the blocked off medals.

  • DS | Submitted by lain

    Paint Loop Boost

    If you're pressed for time in a level, make a loop in front of your character. As he goes around the loop he'll pick up speed and will launch off with the same speed you get with touch dashing. The catch is that you have to make a loop that Kirby can get out of (like a balloon shape), otherwise Kirby will go around the loop again and again until the paint line disappears.

  • DS | Submitted by lain

    How to get Subgames

    If you want to play Boss games without playing one of the Main Game levels, beat a boss twice, and you'll be able to play that Boss Game whenever you want. If you want to play the Long Jump Game, beat the Main Game with Kirby, Waddle Dee, King Dedede, Meta Knight, and Waddle Doo, and the Long Jump Game will be beside the Options Button when you go into your file, after beating the game. The bosses from left to right on the game selection screen are Kracko Jr. and Kracko, King Dedede, and Paint Roller.

  • DS | Submitted by Holly

    Different Colored Lines

    You can really get different colored lines! All you need is 5 medals (for each color) and you can choose from Zebra, Bead, and Tropical Bead. Here is a list of where they are in the medal shop.
    Tropical Bead-6th
    Good luck trying them out!

  • DS | Submitted by yoda_r_o_c_k_s

    Extra hp for Kirby

    You can buy an hp boost for Kirby by earning 7 medals

  • DS | Submitted by ChaoTwst

    How To Beat Drawcia

    Drawcia is the witch at the end of the game. To beat her, with any character, simply line your character up in the middle of the screen. When she shoots the red energy beam at you, draw a line to bounce it back at her. When she is down, ramm into her with your character, dash for more damage. You can do this up to 3 times after each energy bounce. Repeat this to defeat her. Watch out for her summon ability! When she paints a picture in the middle of the screen, thats what she will summon. For the needles, up to the ceiling you go. for every thing else, attack and tap it. After you defeat her, you have to beat her soul. After the batle starts, hide in a corner. Touch the eyes that she shoots out at you in the order that she shoots them. When she appears up close and begins to teleport around the screen, tapp her to paralyze her, and dash attack her. watch out for her fire ball attack. To avoid this, guide your character up to the top of the screen and wait for it to pass or stand still.

Kirby: Canvas Curse Unlockables

  • DS | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Medal Unlockables

    Song One - Three Medals
    Song Three - Three Medals
    Song Two - Three Medals
    Tropic Line - Six Medals
    Zebra Line - Six Medals
    Bead Line - Six Medals
    Life Boost - Seven Medals
    Course 1-8 - Nine Medals each
    Life Boost - Twelve Medals
    Life Boost - Fourteen Medals
    King Dedede - Twenty Medals
    Meta Knight - Twenty-Five Medals

  • DS | Submitted by Gigablain

    Unlock Waddle Doo

    Here is a fast way to unlock Waddle Doo. You'll need Kirby Nightmare In Dreamland for this. Put Kirby Nightmare In Dreamland in the GBA slot.Then put Kirby Canvas Curse in the DS slot and Waddle Doo will be unlocked.

  • DS | Submitted by JMchaos

    Unlock Hidden Songs

    After you get 200 medals, Hidden song will be for purshase (for 40 medals). Afterwards you can go to settings and switch sound from normal to ''OLD SCHOOL'', now you can hear the classic kirby songs in the stages instead of hearing the new ones.

  • DS | Submitted by peter

    Nightmare in Dreamland Music

    Purcchase for 50 medals once you reach 200 medals

  • DS | Submitted by lostandnotfound


    Successfully complete the game to unlock Waddle Dee and also unlock King Dee Dee Dee for purchase (20 medals).
    Buy King Dee Dee Dee to unlock Metaknight for purchase (25 medals).
    Successfully complete the game with Kirby, Waddle Dee, King Dee Dee Dee, and Metaknight to unlock Waddle Doo.

  • DS | Submitted by The Kirby Keeper

    Jump Game Free Play

    Once you beat Drawcia with all 5 balls, the Jump Game will be avalible in the Main menu(note: you cannot use any other ball than Kirby)

Kirby: Canvas Curse Cheats

  • DS | Submitted by Vcomix

    FREE Sound and Music

    If you want to listen to all music instead of having to buy it go to options and sound test--everythings there!