Kingdom Hearts II's top 5 cameos

The best thing about Kingdom Hearts II isn't just that that it's a heck of a lot of fun to play. Nope, the best thing is how it puts dozens of your favorite characters into a blender and pushes "frappe." From Disney movies you still sing along with to the role-playing classics of Square Enix's past years, the worlds of Kingdom Hearts II are packed with personalities.

Above: Goofy and Donald you know about. Who else lurks within the confines of that shiny new PS2 disc?

To celebrate the success of this epic adventure - check out our reviewif you need to hear again how good it is - we've put together a movie of the coolest cameos in the game. Whether it's classic Disney characters from decades past or Final Fantasy friends you haven't seen in years, you'll be surprised by the combinations that the team behind this game cooked up this time. Hit thatvideo and prepare to see some of the most surprising encounters in Kingdom Hearts II.