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Kinect Marketing: It's your turn, Japan

Controllers are for idiotsand the Chinese. Nobody knows this better than Microsoft and Japan, so it’s about damned time we saw a batshit Kinect commercial come out of the Land of the Rising Sun. After all, we’ve almost five years to get sick genetically perfect families waving their arms around likemorons in sterile white rooms. Surely, Japan will reward us with a commercial that breaks the mold… Something a bit more provocative that isn’t meant to lull grandparents to sleep? Pretty much:

Huh… didn’t know Japan was hip to the grindhouse/industrial short parody? It’s pretty wacky… I guess. Although certainly less so for those pitiful journalists who were made to don ponchos and become unwitting participants inCirque du Soleil’s feature-length marketing orgyat this year’s E3.

C’mon Mircosoft! Making a Japanese commercial is a wonderful excuse to wave your freak flag high! For your next commercial,consider more yelling, neon innuendos, and at least attempt to convey a thousand thingsevery single second.


Oct 7, 2010