Kickstarter partners with in new deal which could stoke comic sales

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The crowdfunding platform Kickstarter partnered with the online bookstore for it to be a marketplace for successfully crowdfunded book projects - especially comic books and graphic novels. With the partnership, will market and sell these Kickstarter-funded books (from various publishers) direct to its online customers - and sell them on behalf of independent bookstores as well.

"With this partnership, we want to celebrate the long literary lives books can live after being brought to life on Kickstarter," says Kickstarter's director of publishing & comics outreach Oriana Leckert. "By spotlighting these shining examples on Bookshop, we can help extend those lives, showcase the brilliant work that’s being done on Kickstarter, give backers a renewed sense of pride for their contributions, and support the inspiring efforts of Books Through Bars - all at once.”

Launching today, this partnership will begin with curated lists on of available books from Kickstarter-funded projects including comic books and graphic novels such as Check Please! Book One, Black, La Voz de M.A.Y.O Rambo, and Girl Genius: The Second Journey of Agatha Heterodyne Volume 1: The Beast of the Rails. logo

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Launched in early 2020, frames itself as an altruistic version of Amazon - offering books to order online with the opportunity to have the profits of that purchase go towards an independent bookstore of your choice. Several major comic shops set up connections to during the early days of the pandemic.

While Kickstarter earns a commission for all sales like this with Bookshop, the crowdfunding platform will be donating all of it to NYC Books Through Bars, an all-volunteer group that sends free books to incarcerated people across the US.

Last week, Newsarama reported that Kickstarters' comics projects as a group are the company's most successfully-funded company-wide - 24% more than Kickstarter's publishing projects as a whole, and 16% more than gaming Kickstarters. In 2020, over $25 million was raised in successful comics Kickstarters - a record year.

The usage of Kickstarter by major publishers and creators has become a growing trend - an issue - for some. Newarama looked into that recently, speaking with Boom! Studios, Scott Snyder, Spike Trotman, and more.

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