Kick-ass powers that game characters forgot they had

Characters: Fulgore

In-game failing: A lack of killer instinct

Fulgore was a robo-soldier prototype entered in the tournament as a test of his combat abilities. The verdict? Weapon systems great, AI rubbish. He's installed with a bloody huge great machine gun in his neck, but he always forgets to use it until he's already knocked his opponent out. Hey Fulgy, wouldn't it be a good idea to use it in the actual fight? Say right at the beginning?

Game: Resident Evil

Character: Jill Valentine

In-game failing: Basic motor control/sense of self preservation

Forget the fact that the opening cutscene clearly shows Jill managing to run in a straight line for at least 10 feet - like that's ever going to happen once the old Resident Evil tank controls kick in - where her realtime self really fails is in the way she loses all capacity for rational thought when confronted with a monster. Compare and contrast:

"Hmm, now just how did we get away from those dogs in the woods?", she wonders, as the steady approach of death does nothing to jog her memory.