Katamari due on PS3, Wii and Live Arcade?

Tuesday 19 December 2006
A US magazine is reported to have discovered that three new Katamari games are in development for Xbox Live Arcade, Wii and PS3, and that the trio of titles will be released next year.

Electronic Gaming Monthly, or EGM, has made the claim in its most recent issue and frankly we have no reason to doubt it, mainly because it fits exactly with something we reported over a month ago about the registration of three new names for Katamari projects.

So can we look forward to Beautiful Katamari Damacy, Katamari Damacy Tres Bien and Katamari Damacy-kun then? Well, we don't know yet because developer and publisher Namco is yet to respond the gossip. But the talk has once again set our hearts fluttering and they will continue to beat with hope until we get confirmation - or a denial - which we will bring to you as soon as possible.