Justice Warriors is a "mega-satire" of modern life from Matt Bors and Ben Clarkson

Justice Warriors #1 variant cover
Justice Warriors #1 variant cover (Image credit: Matt Bors (AHOY Comics))

Political cartoonist Matt Bors is teaming up with Adult Swim filmmaker Ben Clarkson on a satirical comic book series with an arresting take modern life called Justice Warriors.

Justice Warriors #1 main cover (Image credit: Ben Clarkson/Felipe Sobreiro (AHOY Comics))

"Justice Warriors is a mega-satire of the system we're stuck kicking at the walls of," Clarkson says in the announcement. 

"Imagine, if you will, a mash-up of The Wire, Robocop, and The Simpsons' 'The Itchy and Scratchy Show.' This is a comic where the weatherman reports on the day's riot trajectory, the mayor uses a scheming cyborg rat advisor to juice his record sales, and the police chief is too busy posting memes to post the murder rate."

Scheduled to debut this June from AHOY Comics, Justice Warriors is set in the world's first "perfect city," and chronicles the lives of two police offers - Swamp Cop and Schitt. While Bubble City has no crime inside its 'bubble,' new forms of traditional crime emerge in this utopic society that they must contend with - as well as what goes on outside the bubble.

Justice Warriors #1 variant cover (Image credit: Matt Bors (AHOY Comics))

"You could say that Justice Warriors is the buddy-cop parody we all need right now," Bors says. "It's a violent satire of police, inequality, and celebrity, but mostly, it's about why nothing changes and how almost no one is a good guy."

Bors and Clarkson co-write the series and jointly layout the issue, with the final line-art by Clarkson. Felipe Sobreiro is coloring the book, with Bors lettering the final product.

Justice Warriors #1 (of 6) goes on sale on June 8.

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