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Jonah Hill to direct zombie film The Kitchen Sink

jonah hill

Jonah Hill is set to make his directorial debut with one of the nuttiest-sounding scripts we’ve heard of in a long time.

The Superbad actor is currently in talks to helm The Kitchen Sink , which has been described around town as The Breakfast Club meets Zombieland .

Why? Well, the plot follows a bunch of high school kids who are attacked by zombies. While they're on the run, the zombies are then attacked by vampires. Before aliens land on Earth, and everybody has to band together to fight them.

Which could be the best, most ridiculously-stupid-but-still-awesome plot ever to have been brewed by anybody. Ever. In the world.

Ironically, the film probably doesn’t actually feature a kitchen sink. No word yet if Hill will also star, though we think he'd be missing a trick if he didn't.

Hill is currently working on a movie update of teen TV drama 21 Jump Street with Channing Tatum.