Joint Task Force review

Shiny real-time strategy for the Guns & Ammo crowd

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Joint Task Force's visuals take no prisoners, with lots of smoke, fire, and weather effects. The physical simulation features support for the AGEIA PhysX, though most of the time you're too high above the action to notice how enemies go limp at death or how realistically the buildings collapse. Unfortunately, not as much work seems to have gone into the user interface, which feels clunky and inconsistent. You can pause and give orders at any time, but doing so because you can't find the order or option you're looking for breaks up the action, and makes command feel like herding cats for a while. It takes a little getting used to and almost makes "real-time" a misnomer.

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DescriptionIt's not just whether or not your modern-day strategy campaign is a success - it's whether you get funding for your military efforts.
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