John Cusack signs up for another horror flick

Oh, John Cusack. John, John, John Cusack. How we love you, sometimes. We respect the fact that you recently admitted to making 40 bad films, but isn't admission the first step to recovery? Is there really any need to add another to the list?

But perhaps we're being hasty. There is a chance that Dark Castle - the brains behind Gothika, Ghost Ship, and Thir13en Ghosts - will, one day, make a decent flick. But we won't hold our collective breath.

Still, the plot sounds okay. The Factory sees The 'Sack (as we're now calling him) playing a cop on the trail of a serial killer. This annoys said multiple murderer who decides to kidnap The 'Sack's daughter, as a kind of revenge.

This sends John into a bit of a beserker rage, and he starts cutting through all manner of red tape, to catch the killer. We really, really hope that the twist isn't that the killer's been his partner all along. That would be rubbish.

The Factory will start shooting in January. We've got our fingers crossed for it.