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Joe Somebody review

Determining the worst Tim Allen movie ever may be like debating which corner of hell is least comfortable, but this baby's awfulness is obvious before the credits finish unspooling.

Wimpy Joe Scheffer (Tim Allen) gets bitch slapped by the company thug (Patrick Warburton) over a parking spot at work. What's worse, it's in front of his daughter and fellow co-workers. So what's he do - - have the big bully nicked on an assault charge, right? Wrong. Scheffer instead decides to have a nervous breakdown, inexplicably followed by a challenge to a rematch. He then becomes an upper management version of Rocky Balboa, and everyone begins to root for this annoying passive/aggressive underdog.

Joe Somebody is as subtle as a punch to the nuts, of which there are at least three, all inflicted on Allen's deserving crotch. In fact, it's sooo bad that the only person who may want to give it a go is Steven Seagal: Jim Belushi's portrayal of doughy failed action star who finds work as Allen's karate instructor should prove a terrifying glimpse into the future.

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