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Jaws Unleashed review

Defeat the giant squid! Destroy the oil refinery!

Jaws getting a few invisible outboard motors might have been forgivable if the world was a more interactive place. Instead, you bounce off walls and ships like a balloon - unless you attack (bite, tail whip, ram or body slam), whereupon boats slowly sink and everything else shatters into nothingness. Human AI is similarly binary, with people either pottering about happily or screaming the same two soundbites over and over as they run in a random direction. Worse, that switch doesn’t always get flipped. Haul yourself onto the right beach or similarly inaccessible area and a variety of invulnerable humans won’t mind the scarred shark that just threw itself next to them.

Just as real sharks need to keep moving or they die, Unleashed is always pushing you urgently forwards. Maintenance of your hunger and health meters involves ceaseless munching of anything and everything you find and you always seem to have an objective flashing up in your face. Defeat the giant squid! Destroy the oil refinery! Drag the swimmer over to the yellow buoy! Despite having a huge island to swim around, you never feel free.

More Info

DescriptionTerrorize Amity Island as a giant shark in this free-roaming undersea chomp-fest.
PlatformPS2, PC, Xbox
US censor ratingMature
Release date23 May 2006 (US), 21 July 2006 (UK)