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Jade Empire

On: Xbox - OUT: March 2005

THE PITCH: Set in a semi-mythical ancient China, Jade Empire sets you on a martial arts learning curve under the watchful tutelage of your wise master. Travel through exotic locations like the gardens of the Imperial City or the mountains of the Land of Howling Spirits and, basically, get into fights.


  • Upgradeable fighting system: Progression is rewarded with up to 30 different fighting syles, ranging from martial arts idioms (Legendary Fist, Storm Dragon) to magic styles (Paralyzing Palm, Dire Flame), as well as weapons-based systems (Twin Axes, Halberd).
  • Use either a pre-generated character or build your own custom fighter choosing from, amongst other attributes, voice set, fighting style and appearance.
  • Concentrate on specific techniques to build attributes, or be a jack of all trades.
  • THE BUZZ: If Jade Empire can follow-through on its rich setting and meticulously planned character development with tactile, feel-good chop-sockery, Bioware should be on to a winner.