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'It's time for gamers to grow up'

American Chronicle writer Dave Gibson has joined the long list of writers hopping on the 'gamers are destroying the world' bandwagon -blaming lazy, television watching Americans for divorce, out-of-wedlock births andcancer (we made the last one up).

"A society whose grown men seem to be more interested in the latest video game, rather than the survival of their nation or even of their own family--is doomed to failure," says the angry man.

"Three years ago, as the latest Star Wars movie opened, local television stations sent out camera crews to film the throngs camped-out all night for tickets," Dave's rant continues. "In every city (including my own), all I saw were grown men ranging in age from their late 20's well into their 40's. The comments from these overgrown 12 year olds were as absurd as their very presence at the mega-plexes."

He added, "The lazy and disconnected American man is much more of a threat to the survival of this nation, than are the Muslim terrorists seeking their 72 virgins in heaven."

There you are then. Blokes are incapable of juggling hobbies with being a good father, and women aren't responsible for getting pregnant outside of wedlock. Burn your controllers.

Spotted byKotaku.

Courtesy of CVG.

Mar 26, 2008