It's A Boy Girl Thing review

It’s body-swap time again, though any hope Nick Hurran’s lame teen-com will emulate the likes of Freaky Friday and Big soon fade in the face of a gag-free script obsessed with tits, dicks and hymens. That’s not to fault likeable leads Kevin Zegers and Samaire Armstrong, both of whom bring a pleasing physicality to their roles as the cocksure jock and prissy swot forced to trade places by an Aztec curse. Neither, however, can do much with a loopy scenario that seems pruriently obsessed with her virginity and his morning glories.

“I get a little bitchy when I’m on the rag!” cries Armstrong/Zegers, setting the tone for a pic that doesn’t need gender reassignment so much as an emergency brain transplant. To make matters worse, Hurran also throws in an alarmingly inept cameo from Sharon Osbourne as Zegers’ trailer-trash mom, a nagging harridan whose culinary speciality is “eggs what-the-fuck”. Quite.

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