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iPhone/iPad game of the day: Retron X - like Space Invaders meets your dad's game of catch

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Retron X
Price: $0.99 / £0.59
Size: 19.3 MB
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Retron X is a simple throwback to retro-styled games -- which, these days, isn't much of a distinction. But Retron X sets itself apart by being that and nothing more. It couldn't be any simpler: different-colored bad guys snake their way down the screen, and you have to catch them in the correspondingly colored buckets. You miss, you lose a heart. Run out of hearts, and you lose. See? Couldn't be simpler.

Though if you play on the easiest difficulty, there's a chance Retron X can verge on boring. There are only three colors there. The hardest difficulty, called "tuff," offers more of a challenge. Even though the game is pretty much the same in all modes, it's much more harrying with five different enemies coming down at you at a speedy rate.

To align the buckets with the enemy, you need only drag them along the bottom of the screen. But you'll need to be especially on your toes when the pace picks up as sometimes buckets in your way get swiped to a place you didn't intend -- which can make for Tetris-like frustrations when you've lined up the perfect move only to discover you've screwed yourself. Retron X is simple, it's a buck, and it's endless. And it's certainly worth a look.

May 10, 2011