iPhone game of the day: Monster Dash

Game: Monster Dash
Price: $0.99
Size: 14.0MB
Buy it now from the iTunes Store: US/UK

Halfbrick is a plucky Australian game development studio that seems to be going places. As it works on its excellent looking XBLA title Raskulls, the small developer has enjoyed quite a bit of success on iTunes with the addictive Fruit Ninja. Now the team's back with Monster Dash, a "runner" style game with loads of character.

Playing as Barry Steakfries, star of the PSP Minis game Age of Zombies, gamers have to jump and shoot when required while automatically sprinting across the screen. Traps, pitfalls and plenty of enemies stand in Barry's way.

The level changes every 1,000 miles, taking Steakfries to a random part of the world populated by a distinct monster type. He can collect hearts to boost or replenish his hit meter, and collect a variety fo weapons, from the long-range Pacifier to a machine gun that shoots the ground and allows Barry to fly through the force of the spray. Classy!

At a mere 99 cents, the game's an absolute steal. You won't be playing it for hours on end, but chances are good that you'll keep it in your iPhone rotation and will continue to bust it out when bored. It%26rsquo;s a great quick fix.

Aug 19, 2010