iPhone game of the day: Monkey Flight

Game: Monkey Flight
Price: $0.99
Size: 2.6MB
Buy it now from the iTunes Store: US/UK

It's time for another offering from Donut Games, the king of underrated iPhone games. This one's all about monkeys, and everybody loves monkeys. Except Baloo the Bear ... and he's a prick.

Monkey Flight is an incredibly simple little game in which you fling simians off of a palm tree in order to collect fruit. The more fruit you get, the more points you earn. Each monkey has two farts which are activated by touching the screen. These farts give the monkey a temporary boost, which will be crucial for avoiding muddy swamps and rocks.

The main game gives you three monkeys with which to best your high scores. Although interaction is minimal, Monkey Flight makes for a strangely compelling game, and one that can feel quite satisfying when your monkey has had a particularly successful run.

As well as the regular game, Monkey Flight also offers a single-monkey stage used for testing one's daily skill, and forty unique challenge stages that will test your patience to its limit. There's a surprising amount of content for a buck, and I like it, so you might want to check it out!

Sep 29, 2010