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Game: Fragger
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Imagine a cross between the grenade hurling abilities in Worms crossed with the also superbAngry Birdson iPhone and, congratulations, you'vejust imaginedFragger.

The rules are simple - touch the screen away from your tiny bomb chucker, move the arrow toyourdesired angle and power and let go. If your aim is true then you'll blow up the masked men littered around the screen and you'll move on to the next level. Easy peasy. The real skill comes about when there are obstacles to shatter first, or you have to lob a grenade througha series of tunnels. If you run out of ammo, then you're stuffed and you have to startthe whole thing again.

Above: The nearest two will go down without too much fuss, but how do you get the man in the house?

Some of the enemies can even be taken down without the need for your grenade to go off. See that bloke standing near the edge of a cliff above? Fling your projectile at his head and he could wobble and fall to his end. Nice.

There are loads of levels to smash through that become increasingly difficult to really test your skills and of course, like Angry Birds, you can re-do stages to see if you can nail it without using so many grenades.

Above: A typical set-up in Fragger.

July 19th 2010

Nathan Irvine
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