iPhone Game of the Day: Epic Win

Game: Epic Win
Price: $2.99
Size: 22.3 MB

Let's face it; chores suck. Nobody ever really wants to take out the garbage, do the dishes, or fold those towering piles of laundry sitting in the corner. It's unfortunate that such menial yet ever-important tasks don't complete themselves. However, there is a way to inject some awesome into the days where you're saddled with a mountain of unwanted drudgery. It's called Epic Win.

Have you ever leveled up while cleaning a horrendously foul-smelling cat box? Have you scored sweet magical loot by driving your younger sibling to soccer practice? What about adventuring across vast distances while sitting at home paying bills? Epic Win can make it so. This quirky little chore list meta-game lets you craft a character and set out on epic quests to find treasure and glory. Amusingly, these daring quests just so happen to be whatever menial chores you have to tackle on any given day.

Inputting new chores, errands, and other important to-do tasks on the quest screen lets you pick a day they’re due, assign an experience point score for completing them, and select an appropriate stat related to the job (strength, intellect, social, etc.). Every time you complete a quest, you’ll have your warrior obliterate it. Experience you’ve earned gradually levels-up your character, and it also increases the distance you’ve traveled on the map, unlocking new silly treasure as you reach important milestones. While it doesn’t do your crappy work for you, Epic Win does provide a little extra incentive to get them done.

Nov 11, 2010