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iPhone game of the day: Destroy9

Game: Destroy9
Price: $0.99
Size: 35.8MB
Buy it now from the iTunes Store:US/UK

Sometimes, you just feel a burning desire for archaic pixel graphics, retro music, and bad English translation. When that urge grabs you, Destroy9 is on the case. Despite it being cynically named to cash in on District 9, Naomicsoft's meat grinding alien splatterer is really quite excellent.

The general gameplay takes the shape of a genre you might recognize, the "throw your things at enemy things until either your thing or the enemy's thing is dead." Using money acquired from destroyed aliens, you build various units to send at the enemy waves, with hopes of pushing through the alien defences and destroying its spaceship.

Of course, the aliens are trying to do the same, and send increasingly dangerous creatures toward your own ship, so not only does one have to push the attack, defenses must also be erected in order to save the day.

There are light RPG elements, with money being used to strengthen units between levels, and players can also take direct control of an allied unit in order to engage in some run-and-gun shooting while commanding the flow of battle.

The game is surprisingly fun, as well as pretty tough, and it's all packaged with some deliciously nostalgic aesthetic touches. The 8-bit graphics and the incredibly catchy music, not to mention the charming Engrish flavor, really makes Destroy9 stand out. It's got more character than a lot of console games I can think of, and is well worth the buck. You can also buy an alternate version of the game to play from the Aliens' perspective as well!

Aug 30, 2010