iPhone game of the day: 10 Count Boxer

Game: 10 Count Boxer
Price: $0.99
Size: 9.4MB
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PROPE is great at creating fun little minigames that might not support a full retail release, but work perfectly in a portable format. It's a shame, then, that Yuji Naka's studio doesn't really have a whole lot of content on iTunes. What's there is good, though, so make sure you check out 10 Count Boxer.

The premise of 10 Count is incredibly simple. A boxer has been knocked over, and it's up to you to stand him back up before the referee counts a knockout. There's no actual boxing involved -- it's all about getting the world's worst fighter back on his feet.

10 Count Boxer is essentially a balancing act, as players tap the boxer to bring him up, and need to then carefully time the taps to get him to land on his feet without tipping over. Using some pretty tricky physics, the game is a test of timing and patience. It can be frustrating to get it just right, but the fun and addictive nature should keep one amused.

Hopefully, PROPE keeps making iPhone games as it's a great studio full of quirky ideas that work terrifically on the format. So why not help them out and pick this up?

Sep 13, 2010