Incredible Doom Eternal claymation short turns the Slayer into a warrior cat

Doom Eternal isn't out until this Friday, March 20, but that hasn't stopped one animator from making an incredible claymation spoof of the bloody shooter.

YouTuber Lee Hardcastle just released Claycat's Doom Eternal, a three-minute short featuring clay versions of Doom icons like the Imp, Cacodemon, and Baron of Hell. As you may have deduced, its protagonist is Claycat, an adorable feline version of the Slayer. Incidentally, Claycat was also the focus of Hardcastle's original Doom claymation short, which was made to celebrate the 2016 Doom reboot.

Claycat's Doom Eternal escapades start out fairly tame with a demonic picnic. Everything's going swimmingly, with our stand-in Slayer being uncharacteristically friendly with the demons, until those demons decide to chow down on a stray bunny. Claycat won't stand for this, and it's nothing but quadruped quadra-kills from there. 

Hardcastle's short faithfully recreates Doom Eternal's combat, demons, and weapons (some of which have seemingly been fashioned from baguettes and bananas). It's got a huge cast of baddies, a glorious range of Glory Kills, and everything from the Super Shotgun to the Unmaker sword. The fact that this was all done in claymation, a famously difficult medium and aesthetic, just makes it that much more impressive. And the fact that an oddly adorable claymation short can pair perfectly with Doom Eternal's bassy, drum-driven metal soundtrack is simply astonishing. 

If you need more Doom Eternal awesomeness in your eyeballs right the hell now, check out its hell-razing launch trailer. For more on the game, check out our latest hands-on preview, which proves that Doom is bigger, smarter, and bloodier than ever.  

Austin Wood

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