In with the old for PS3

Retro games could still make up part of the downloadable content for PS3; that's according to John Hight, director of external development at Sony Computer Entertainment in Santa Monica, USA.

It was believed thatSony would only be allowing new gamesfor the service, rather than compete with the retro content already available on Xbox Live Arcade. This isn't the case, however, as even though Sony as a developer is only investing in new games, Hight says that "third party publishers will undoubtedly provide updated versions of classic arcade games."

Above: Even though new games such as Blast Factor will be available to download, don't count out the possibility of older games showing up on Sony's service.

Hight, who was speaking to, also explained how these will be paid for by PS3's "electronic wallet," into which gamers will be able to deposit money and then spend on games and add-ons. Once the games have been purchased they can be transferred to other PS3's up to five times, which Hight says is because their "customers don't always stay in one spot - they're on the move."

There was some advice for people thinking of submitting games to Sony, as Hight explained that the best games take advantage of the SixAxis controller and support 1080p in order to make them look as good as possible. Also, games shouldn't exceed 500MB, in order to keep download times to a minimum. This size could increase in the future, though.

November 28, 2006